List Of All Exclusive Features Offered In Telegram Premium

List Of All Exclusive Features Offered In Telegram Premium

Telegram is famous chatting and social media application that is considered as best alternative of WhatsApp worldwide. It is also among the safest chatting applications in world. With 750+ million active users, it was among the top 5 most downloaded apps in 2023.


What is Telegram Premium?

Tough, Telegram already has many great features, it also has a premium plan called “Telegram Premium”, which provides many exclusive features to its subscribers in just $4.99 per month. Another main purpose behind the development of Telegram Premium is too support Telegram monetarily.

List Of All Exclusive Features Offered In Telegram Premium

Here is the list of exclusive features offered by Telegram in Telegram premium as given below.


1. No Ads

Just like the other social media apps, Telegram also removes its ads in its premium version. In the absence of ads, users will be able to stream Telegram app smoothly without any intruption caused by ads.


2. Profile Badge

Telegram’s premium subscription displays a badges in the profile of users with their name. In general, this badge helps the users to confirm whether anyhow is a premium user or not. This badge also helps the Telegram Premium subscribers to show their pride to the normal Telegram users effectively.


3. Voice-To-Text

The next feature of Telegram premium is voice-to-text conversion which can enable the users to listen and understand the voice messages of with different language.

Simply hold on the voice message and then click on the translation, Telegram will translate his voice message into your desired language in text from.


4. Premium App Icons

Telegram also has many premium app Icons that are only accessable to Telegram Premium users. In addition to the default app icon, Telegram Premium also provides you many premium app icons to its subscribers, and you can simply choose anyone as per your choice. However, Telegram usually updates or sometimes totally changes those app icons in the latest version of Telegram app regularly.


5. Emoji Statuses

Telegram Premium users can show their current activity or name by using an emoji. This emoji is located next to their name in Telegram and informs the other users about the current activity or mood in the form of emoji.


6. Chat Management

This feature can help the Telegram Premium users to manage their chats, groups and channels. For example, you can easily pin, mute or achieve any chats. Besides this, you can search messages in your chats, groups and channels more effectively. Plus you can also mark your chats and group as unread to read its messages in near future.


7. Fast Downloading Speed

Faster download speed is among the best features offered in Telegram Premium. Without fast downloading speed feature, Telegram Premium could loose its authenticity. Therefore, I must say that this is the most important and note-worthing feature offered in Telegram Premium. Now professional people can download their audios and videos on Telegram with faster speed by using Telegram Premium. This will definitely save the precious time premium users.


8. Doubled Limits

This feature of Telegram Premium will double a number of limits of your Telegram account. Premium users can mark 10 stickers as favourites, join 1000 channels and create 20 chat folders with 200 chat in each.

Besides this, premium subscribers can also add four accounts on the same Telegram app.

As we know, Telegram provides free unlimited cloud storage where we can upload files of with maximum 2GB size. However, Telegram premium subscribers can upload the file of upto 4GB in Telegram cloud storage.


9. Real Time Translation

This feature of Telegram premium gives Telegram an edge on other messaging applications. Telegram Premium users can translate the messages of chats, groups and channels. This feature is useful, especially if you have started a conversation with foreigners in chats and groups. As a result, you can communicate with them effectively in your own mother languages.


9. Premium Stickers

Another luxury feature offered to Telegram Premium users is premium stickers. These stickers are comparatively enlarged and display unique effects on them. It has also been observed that Telegram regularly updates or sometimes totally changes those stickers. In short, premium stickers is a nice feature of Telegram Premium.


10. Infinite Reactions

As we know, Telegram allow me us to react on messages in chats, groups and channels through emojis.

While normal Telegram users have only few emojis to react, Telegram Premium users has infinite emojis to react on messages in chats, groups and channels. Telegram Premium users can also react multiple times on the same message.

This feature makes them superior than normal Telegram users.


11. Animated Profile Pictures

By using this feature, Telegram Premium users can use animated stickers on their profile picture. This feature not just helps users to show their pride but also it can stop their dependency to use their own photos.

Therefore, your chats, group members and channel members will see an animated avatar on your profile picture.



In conclusion, I would like to say that Telegram is a very convenient and modern messaging application. This application has many unique and helpful feature which are absent in other ones. After all, Telegram is totally safe and secure messaging app. Hopefully, Telegram would have a very bright future. That’s all.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1. What’s the pricing of Telegram Premium?

In general, Telegram Premium subscription costs $4.99 per month. While annual subscription of Telegram Premium offers you 19% discount. Anyhow, the prices may also vary depending on the country where you live.


2. What’s the best feature of Telegram Premium?

Account to my personal opinion, no ads and fast downloading speed are the best exclusive features offered by Telegram to Telegram Premium subscribers.


3. Can we translate the messages on Telegram?

Yes, Telegram Premium users can translate the messages of foreigners in their desired languages. In addition, they can also translate and convert the voice messages into text form intheir desired language.


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