How To Increase Followers On Threads (Seven Proven Ways)

How To Increase Followers On Threads


Threads is actually a social media platform developed by the team of Instagram and launched by Meta. In short, Threads is also a text based conversation app like Twitter that allows users to chat on its social media network by writing short form text posts of up to 500 characters. Users can also upload  photos, short video clips, and even links in their posts. In fact, this app is a rival of Twitter. It was launched by Meta, the company that also owns Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg is the owner of this app. But the company has also been criticized for copying by Twitter and its users. The  aim of Threads is to provide a platform to share their ideas and engage in conversations with others. It was released all over the world and people can easily downloadit from either Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
How To Increase Followers On Threads
Today, in this blog post, we wil talk about some proven ways to increase followers on Threads account as given below.

1. Import Your Instagram Followers

Threads have added the option to import the Instagram followers on thread account while creating the account.
Though, Threads users can also leave this option, but usually, most of the users still follow their previous Instagram followings.
Therefore, if you have strong influence on community of your Instagram account, your Threads followers will also increase. Therefore, you must build a strong community on Instagram and convince them to follow you on Threads too.

2. Follow Global Trends

If you want to be successful on any social media app, you must follow the latest global trends. Therefore, you must upload short but engaging content consistently on trending topics and news. In order to grow your social media following and reach more effectively among people, it is important to follow global trends. Social media platforms mainly prioritize authentic, latest and engaging social media content. When people engage with your content, the algorithm recognizes it as interesting and valuable, leading to increased visibility and exposure to a larger audience. By staying updated on global trends, you can create content that aligns with current interests and captivates your target audience. Thereby, try to to read the mindset of your audience and follow thy global trends to stay ahead of the competition and seize opportunities to attract attention from the right people at the right time.

3. Use Relevant Keywords and Hashtags

Using relevant keywords and hashtags is necessary to get more followers on all social media platform because they help to increase the reach and engagement of interested users on your account. According to recent research, using more hashtags can yield the good results, with 20 hashtags receiving the highest average reach rate on platforms like Instagram. Hashtags can also be used on any social media platform, but they are most popular on Twitter and Instagram. By using hashtags, you can boost your fame on Threads app. However, it’s important to note that using too many hashtags can reduce the engagement rate by more than 50%. Therefore, it is recommended to see only 20 hashtags and do keyword research before posting anything on Threads.

4. Post Consistently

Your on any platform is key of success on any platform. Posting consistently on any social media platform is important for growing your following and increasing engagement.
By consistently posting and implementing the right strategies, you can attract new followers to like and engage with your brand and social media account like Threads.
Posting consistently is more important than posting frequently. So never disappoint and upload the posts consistently on Threads.

5. Cross-promote On Other Social Media Platforms

After posting your content on Threads, you must share its link on other social media platforms. This link will act as a backlink and eventually drives more traffic to your Threads account. By sharing your content on other social media platforms, you can display you content to other people of similar interests.
In this way, you can increase you increase your followers on Threads.

6. Post Engaging Content

When it comes to engage a community, your content is the king.
Posting engaging content is important to get more followers on social media sites because social media platforms now prioritize authentic, latest, informative and engaging posts. Such key metrics increase the level of interactions and interests of users in your content. When users engage with your content by liking, commenting, sharing, or even just spending more time on it, the algorithm of Threads will recognize it as interesting and valuable, and thus promotes it to more users. This increases the visibility of your account, ultimately, results in attracting new followers.

7. Announce Giveaways

It is always a good practice to announce giveaways for users on social media platforms in order to get more followers because it attracts your idea and organic followers on your account. You can attract individuals who are more likely to engage with your content and become long-term followers.
Selection of the right prize for your giveaway can entice Threads users to participate and follow your account. By offering a desirable and relevant prize, you can generate excitement and generate interest in your audience. This will attract the other Threads users to follow your account leading to your success on Threads app.


In conclusion, increasing followers on a Threads account requires long term planning, hard work and other strategic approaches. By applying above given the tips and techniques, individuals can easily increases their followers on Threads.
Furthermore,  the supporting points, such as the importance of consistency and utilizing various engagement strategies are note worthing. Ultimately, by implementing these strategies and tying everything together, individuals can successfully attract more followers to their Threads account.
Best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1. How can I get more followers on Threads 2023?

To get more followers on Threads account, you must increase your followers on Instagram. Because this will deliver your Instagram followers to Threads account.

2. What are proven ways to get followers on Threads?

The proven ways to increase followers on Threads include your keyword research, consistently, visibility and quality of your content on that platform.

3. Who is owner of Threads app?

Threads was designed as a rival of Twitter by Instagram and launched by Meta. Mark Zuckerberg is the current owner of Threads app.

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