How to Increase the Snapscore of Snapchat Account

How to Increase the Snapscore of Snapchat Account

Snapchat has become the favourite app of modern generation and youth of entire world. This app is famous for its many amazing features including Snapchat filters, lenses, Spotlight, Snapmap and many others.


How to increase the Snapscore of Snapchat accounts


Today we are going to discuss how can you increase the snapscore of your Snapchat account. Increasing the snapscore of Snapchat account can increase your presence and your pride on Snapchat app.


There is no 100% exact information how does Snapchat increase your Snapscore because Snapchat’s algorithm is complicated and differ from other social media platforms.

In order to increase the snap score of your Snapchat account you need to follow some steps given below.


1. Add More Friends

Snapchat can help you to make friendship with strangers and loved ones. The more friends you have on your Snapchat account, the more will your Snapscore. This technique is quite easy and practically proven.


2. Send More Snaps

Sending more and more snaps to your friends on Snapchat significantly increases your Snapscore day-by-days.

The more snaps you make and send them to your friends, the higher will be your Snapscore on Snapchat. In fact, Snapchat increases the snapscore of those accounts which remain more active or online. And no body can deny this reality.


3. Watch the Snaps of Friends

Opening and watching the snaps of your friends also increases the Snapscore of your account. Probably, it would be the easiest way to increase the Snapscore of any Snapchat account. Besides this, you can also know about the current activities of your friends by watching their snaps regularly.


3. Increase The Snapstreaks

Snapstreak is the count of snaps you and your friend send to each other in last those days. But higher Snapstreak can also boost your Snapscore on Snapchat account. Infact, the higher is the Snapstreaks with your friends, the higher will be your Snapscore. Therefore you must increase your snaps streak with friends by sending them snaps on daily basis.


4. Upload Stories

The next way to increase the Snapscore is interesting. You can increase Snapscore by just uploading stories on Snapchat account. Unlike Snaps, the Snapchat stories last for 24-hours and your friends can open them multiple times. So, if you upload more stories, your Snapscore will increase like rocket.


5. Watch Discover Videos

Discover is a special section in Snapchat where you can watch the stories of top Snapchatters. However, watching the stories on Snapchat, your snapscore also increases indirectly. This technique is easy and can also help you to pass from boring time. In addition, you may also learn some life hacks by watching the discover videos of top Snapchatters.


Benefits of Increasing Snapscore

Higher Snapscore decides the authority of any account on Snapchat app. The higher is your Snapscore on Snapchat, the more pride you can show on Snapchat app. Moreover, higher Snapscore may also help you to reach some dream friends or bussiness partners on Snapchat.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to increase the Snapscore on Snapchat?

To increase the Snapscore of Snapchat, you need to add more friends, send and watch more Snaps, upload stories. In this way, you can increase the Snapscore of your Snapchat account.

2. Can the Snapscore of Snapchat accounts decrease?

Fortunately, no. Your Snapscore will remain same even if you are not active on Snapchat. But if you remain active on Snapchat, you can hunt more Snapscore.

3. Can chat messages increase my Snapscore?

No, it is not possible. Sending chat messages will never increase your Snapscore on Snapchat.


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