Meta Introduces Two Exciting New Features In WhatsApp App

Meta Introduces Two Exciting New Features In WhatsApp App

Meta owned Whatsapp Messenger is the world’s largest chatting application. Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has worked very hard to make Whatsapp a leading messaging app of this era. In recent times, WhatsApp has introduced many useful features in its app.


Meta Introduces Two Exciting New Features In WhatsApp App


Recently, Whatsapp has Introduced two more useful features in its latest version of its app as given below.


1. Multiple Accounts Support

WhatsApp now allows you to login multiple WhatsApp number accounts on same WhatsApp application. It an amazing feature for WhatsApp because it was already available in Telegram app. But finally,WhatsApp has also rolled out globally this new feature.

However, this feature is currently available only for beta users.

In order to add multiple accounts, go to the profile setting of your current Whatsapp account, then click on arrow button located next to QR  code on the top right corner.

After these steps, the option of “New Account” will be appeared where you can add multiple WhatsApp accounts on same WhatsApp app.


2. Send Images In HD Quality

The next feature introduced by Meta in WhatsApp is that the users can now send and receive the images in HD quality. It was also a much awaited feature of WhatsApp because it is very useful in certain cases.

In order to send the images in HD quality, simply open any chat or group then open the gallery and select the particular image you want to send in HD quality. After selecting a particular image, the image will be entered in its editing mode where you can also set its quality.

On the top left corner, you will see an option of “HD”. Now click on it and choose the desired quality for your image. The are two options available for image quality; Standard quality and HD quality.

Now click on the “HD quality” and send the image in the chat or group.

That’s all.


Final Thoughts

In my final thoughts, I would like to say that WhatsApp will rule the as a leading messaging app for next few decades. Mark Zuckerberg and his company Meta both constantly working to introduce new features in WhatsApp app. This makes WhatsApp an unbeatable player of its field. In short, WhatsApp Messenger has very bright future.

That’s all.


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