Most Profitable Blog Niche Ideas To Start Blogging With Low Competition In 2023

Most Profitable Blog Niche Ideas to Start Blogging With Low Competition In 2023

Blog niche idea is the first important but stressful process to start blogging in today’s date. Blogging is process of writing a blog website to earn money through ads or by promoting our business. But if we want to start blogging to run ads, you must choose a low competition but high on demand but low Competition niche for your blog website.


Best Blog Niche Ideas To Start Blogging In 2923


Today we gonna discuss about come such niche ideas which you can choose to start blogging in 2023.

Here are the examples of blog niche ideas as given below:


1. Tech

When it comes to blogging, tech is the first blog niche idea for mostly bloggers.

Tech is a good blog niche idea to start blogging because the tech industry is continuously growing and provides ample content opportunities to bloggers in 2023. The vastness of the tech blog niche allows the bloggers to specialize in specific areas or technologies, making it  toan easy choice to target the specific audience.

In addition, tech blogs are high demand as more people are becoming tech lovers and want to get information, reviews, and tutorials on various tech related topics. By creating a tech blog website, you can not just fulfill the needs of your audience but can also establish your authority in this field.

Besides this, the tech niche offers a wide range of monetization options like displaying ads through Google AdSense or Ezoic etc. As technology products and services are in high demand, tech bloggers can generate income through affiliate marketing, sponsored contents, advertising, and even creating and selling their own digital products or courses.


2. Cooking

Starting a blog on cooking niche is good idea especially for educated women who have keen internet in this field. This field is quite unique because it attracts the visitors to your blog from all over the world.

Food and recipe lover will be the main audience of your website. Hence,  cooking niche will be also a great blog niche idea for some bloggers.


3. Travel and Tourism

This is the least saturated niche for blogging purpose and also has very low competition. A lot of travel vloggers have ample opportunity to start blogging in this niche. Tourism  industry is popular and growing day-by-days. You can share your thoughts and experience about a journey of particular place. The best and attractive tourist points to write a blog include Switzerland, Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, Italy, USA, China and many others.

If you are looking for a low competition niche, then travel and tourism is good for you.


4. Online Earning

Online Earning is another good blog niche for those who have any expertise in some online earning fields like blogging, YouTube, freelancing, digital marketing and many others.

This field is popular and gain the intension many many educated but unemployed people.

This field is also high on demand, hence, you can also start blogging on this niche.


5. Health

Health is indeed a good blog niche idea to start blogging in 2023. Health and fitness are considered as one of the most profitable blog niches for 2023. Furthermore, health, fitness, and well-being are identified as one of the most profitable blog niches in 2023. Therefore, starting a health blog in 2023 would be a viable and potentially profitable option. Lastly, the health and fitness niche has the advantage of being high on demand as it is among the fundamental needs of humans. Almost everyone wants to be more fit and healthy, making this niche highly relevant and enjoyable. Despite the saturation in the fitness blog niche, bloggers can still grow their own audience by targeting a new or different demographic location.


6. Finance and Insurance

Finance and insurance is a profitable niche to start blogging in 2023 because it falls under the category of personal finance, which has been identified as one of the top niches for income generation from blogging. This field also has a great numbers of advertizers, making it a profitable niche for blogging. According to a study conducted in 2022, personal finance blogs had average monthly income of $9,100, making it among the most profitable niches.

Moreover, the demand for financial advice is always high, especially during uncertain economic situations. A lot of people still searching for guidance and management of their finances, investment decisions and insurance policies. By providing valuable suggestions and insights in finance and insurance, bloggers have the opportunity to attract a large audience and generate enough money to their blogs.


7. Fashion and Beauty

Fashion and beauty always has been in the modern needs of human. Therefore, this niche is not just high on demand but also has bright future for bloggers.

The fashion and beauty is indeed a profitable niche idea for blogging as it is a popular and evergreen topic that attracts a large audience. Adult males and females are constantly looking for fashion and beauty tips, trends, and advice, making it a high in demand niche.

Actually, the beauty industry is famous for its profitability. The industry is also filled with many advertizers. Many beauty brands and products have a strong following, hence, there are numerous opportunities for advertising and sponsored content within this niche. Beauty bloggers can also partner with brands to promote their products, earning both advertising and sponsored commotions. To do this, bloggers can specialize in skincare, hair care, makeup, fashion trends and product reviews etc. If you have interest and expertize about fashion and beauty, you can definitely choose it as a niche of your blog.


8. AI Tool Website

The AI Tool Website is definitely the leading and profitable blog niche of this era.

Artificial Intelligence is a fastly growing field and it is definite  ingrow in future. Currently, ChatGPT like AI tool websites are dominating the internet. As technology becomes more advanced, AI tools are becoming popular and essential for businesses and individuals. By creating an AI tool website, you can tap into the growing demand for these tools and provide valuable information, resources, reviews, and suggestions to students, business men and other internet users.

As the demand for AI tools is rising, many companies want to invest in advertising and sponsorships with relevant blogs and websites. You can monetize your blog through various means like displaying ads of Google AdSense, sponsored content and even creating and selling your own AI tool websites.



In short, we can conclude that niche selection is the basic and important step for starting a blog website. We should choose a specific niche for our blog by keeping in mind the demand and future of that niche. Besides this, you should also have expertize in that niche before starting a blog website. Happy Blogging!

Best of luck!


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


1. Should we start blogging in 2023?

Yes, blogging is among the easiest ways to earn money online. Though, blogging also has high competition, but some niches like AI tool website have bright future.

2. What are top seven most profitable blog niche ideas in 2023?

The most most profitable blog niche ideas include; tech, cooking, online earning, travel & journey, finance, health, fashion and  AI tool website etc.

3. What is a blog niche?

A blog niche refers to the main subject of all the content on your blog. It is what you’re going to write about and gives purpose and structure to the topics you discuss. Choosing the right niche is crucial for getting more traffic and monetizing your blog.


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