Mark Zukerberg Introduces New Features In Threads App

Mark Zukerberg Announces To Bring New Features In Threads App

Threads is the lastest social media application launched by Mark Zuckerberg and his company Meta.

The main aim behind the development of Threads was to provide a text based platform that could compete with Twitter.

Initially, this platform, Threads, gained a lot of popularity and trust of internet users. However, Threads has also faced a massive decline in traffic in recent weeks.

The main reason behind this traffic decline was that the platform had no more unique and exciting features than Twitter. But now, it seems that Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has decided to bring new exciting features in this app for its survival.

The company had also claimed that it will also launch the web version of Threads very soon.


New features Of Threads App


In their recent posts on Threads, Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram’s CEO  announced to bring some exciting new features in Threads app.


New Features In Threads App

Before using the new features of Threads, simply go to Google Play Store and install the lastest version of Threads app.

  1. The first feature is that users can directly share their posts on Instagram’s DM from Threads. To share your posts, simply press on the three dot button and then click on “Send To Instagram” option. This will redirect your post on Instagram and then you can also share the Threads post easily on Instagram account.
  2. The second feature is the addition of custom alt text for photos and videos.                  This feature will help the algorithm of Threads to understand the content uploaded by Threads profiles more effective. Otherwise, automatically alt text for photos or videos in not accurate enough. But now, Threads has also introduced this necessary feature.
  3. The third feature is the addition of new mention button that can be used to easily mention someone’s account in your Thread. You can also type the symbol “@” to mention that particular friend or celebrity on your Thread.
  4. The next feature is the addition of rel=me links for identity verification of users.                      This feature will help the users to verify their identity of other social media platforms like Mastadon by using rel=me links.
  5. Besides this, another important feature introduced by Threads is that users can now get the track record of the posts they liked from the profile settings of their Threads account.
  6. The last few is “Sort”. Threads users can now sort the Threads accounts they follow. Just go to your profile, tap on followers, head to following, and lastly click on the “Sort”. In this way, you can sort Threads account you follow.


Final Thoughts

At the end, I will say that Threads will become a strong competitor of Twitter in near future. Meta’s initiative to make Threads a great app of this era is very strong. After the recent advancements in this app, it is clear that Threads will have a very bright future.

That’s all.


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