Top 10 Reasons For Rejection From AdSense Approval

Top 10 Reasons For Rejection From  AdSense Approval


What Is AdSense?

Google AdSense, is an ad network powered by Google that monetizes our YouTube channels and websites by running ads on them and helps the creators and publishers to earn money.


Top 10 Reasons For Rejection From AdSense Approval


However, AdSense does not necessarily approve the website of everyone. And those websites which do not meet the certain necessary conditions of AdSense, are most probably rejected.

Today, we gonna tell you about the ten most common reasons for the rejection from the AdSense.

Following are the top 10 reasons for rejection from AdSense approval:


1. New Website

If a website is younger than 6 months, Google does not consider it a good and fit for its AdSense campaign. This is because newly created websites are more likely to have insufficient content, poor design, unresolved issues, or may not meet AdSense policies and guidelines. As a result, the AdSense campaign is not expected to benefit the website owner or Google. Therefore, Google does not trust on such websites and they are rejected.

Moreover, the minimum age necessary for the AdSense program is also at least 18 years. And if the owner of website is under 18, they can have a parent or guardian sign up for AdSense using their own Google Account. Hence, all payments will be made by the adult responsible for the site.


2. Copyright Material

Websites with copyright or scrapped material face rejection from AdSense approval for several reasons. Firstly, using and distributing copyrighted content violates AdSense policies. This means that if a website shares or distributes copyrighted material without proper authorization, it will be rejected from AdSense approval.
Secondly, displaying other people’s content with frames is another common reason for AdSense rejection. This refers to the practice of embedding other websites’ content within frames on a different website. If this content is copyrighted and used without permission, it violates copyright laws and AdSense policies.
Lastly, linking to copyright-violating sites is also a reason for AdSense rejection. When a website includes the links of websites that infringe on copyright laws by distributing copyrighted material, it can also become associated with infringing activities. Google AdSense has strict policies against promoting illegal activities, including copyright infringement, which results in rejection for websites.


3. Bad Design or Navigation

Websites with “poor design and navigation” face rejection from Google AdSense due to several reasons. One of the main reasons is that AdSense values user experience, and if website has poor design and navigation then it fails to provide a good user experience to visitors.
And when any user comes on website that is difficult to navigate or has a cluttered design, he is will definitely leave the website quickly, resulting in a higher bounce rate. Google AdSense serves the relevant and engaging ads to users, but if a website has a high bounce rate, it shows that users are not finding the site valuable or easy to navigate. Therefore, such websites are also face rejection.
Moreover, websites with poor design and navigation may also have issues with ad placement and visibility.


4. Low Organic Traffic

One of the main reasons why some websites face rejection from AdSense approval is the lack of sufficient organic traffic. Actually, Google AdSense demands websites to have a handsome amount of organic traffic before they can be monetized from Google AdSense. And the websites with low traffic or no traffic are more likely to be rejected from AdSense program. This is because having organic traffic demonstrates the legitimacy and potential of the website for users on internet. And the websites which cannot engage users are not accepted by Google AdSense.


5. AI Written Content

AI-written websites face rejection from AdSense for a variety of reasons. One reason is that these websites often contain garbage or poorly-written content, which is also easily detectable by Google. Actually, Google does not allow its ads to be displayed on websites that have low-quality content or that are clearly generated by AI (ChatGPT) or non-native speakers. Infact, the presence of such content also damages the value of Google’s own brand.
Furthermore, AdSense does not accept articles that are simply rewritten from other websites, whether it was done by a human or AI. Therefore, its content must be original and written from the personal experience of the website owner.


6. Non-Responsive Theme

Websites with a non-responsive theme and lack mobile friendly interface may face rejection from Google AdSense because Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites in its search rankings. According to a study from August 2015, non-mobile friendly sites were disappearing from the top Google results. Therefore, having a mobile-friendly design is crucial for top rankings and visibility on Google.

Google can mark a page a mobile-friendly or not, based on the number and severity of issues affecting the page. 

Users prefer websites that are optimized for mobile devices and don’t require manual zooming or other adjustments to use. However, a non-responsive theme of website may not provide a mobile-friendly experience, leading to lower user engagement and eventually lower ad revenue.


7. Low Value Content

Websites with low value content also face rejection from Google AdSense because they lack sufficient and high-quality content. Site managers who review your AdSense application always ensure that the website has a number of have high-quality and unique blog posts. Therefore, you must write at least 25 unique blog posts before applying for monitization from AdSense. If a website has thin or duplicative content, then it should be deleted or rewritten to improve its uniqueness and quality. In addition, low-value pages that do not provide complete and accurate information to readers should be enhanced with more unique content.


8. Privacy Policy Violation

Google AdSense may reject some websites by saying  “privacy policy violation” for some reasons. The first possible reason is that the website does not have any page for privacy policy. AdSense demands the websites to have a privacy policy page that shows how user information is collected, used, and protected. And if any website compromises user’s privacy, such as collecting sensitive personal information without proper consent or selling user data to third parties, Google AdSense could rejected your website.

The second reason is that your website has website has false, harmful or adult content. Such websites also face privacy policy violation issue from AdSense.


9. Wrong Niche Selection

The wrong niche selection of bloggers is another problem that results in rejection from Google AdSense approval. Below are some niches/topics on which websites are never approved:

  • Movie
  • Music
  • Video Game
  • Adult Content
  • Crime or Drugs

Therefore, you should never create a website on above given Niches.


10. Free Domain

Some people are still using totally low level and free domains in 2023. The commonly used free domain is found on Google’s own platform Blogger in which the default URL of blog contains the text “. blogspot” in it. Such domains are not easily ranked on Google, resulting in less organic traffic. Therefore, AdSense approval becomes difficult for websites with a free domain.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQS


1. Why was my AdSense application rejected?

– There can be several reasons for the rejection of an AdSense application. Some common reasons include not meeting the program policies and guidelines, insufficient website content or quality, invalid click activity, and issues with website design or layout.


2. What can I do if my AdSense application is rejected?

– If your AdSense application is rejected, you can start by reviewing the reasons provided by Google and addressing those issues. You may need to improve the content and quality of your website, ensure compliance with AdSense policies, and resolve any technical issues that may have caused the rejection. After making the necessary changes in website, you can reapply for AdSense.


3. How long should I await before reapplying for AdSense after rejection?

– Google does not specify a specific waiting period before reapplying for AdSense after rejection. However, it is very important to make substantial improvements in your website before reapplying. This allows you to increase your chances of approval.


4. Will my website be permanently banned from AdSense if it gets rejected once?

– No, a rejection of your AdSense application does not result in its permanent ban. You can work on improving your website and reapply for AdSense at a later time.


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