Why Your Snap Was Not Selected For Spotlight In Snapchat?

Why Your Snap Was Not Selected For Spotlight In Snapchat?

Snapchat is a famous camera and messaging app that gained a lot of popularity in recent times. Especially, this app is favorite among the youth of Gen Z due its mind-blowing filters and lenses. Today, Snapchat has more than 300 million active users.


What is Spotlight?

One of the great feature of Snapchat is Spotlight which is an entertainment platform to upload and watch short form videos.


Why Your Snap Was Not Selected For Spotlight In Snapchat


Unfortunately, Snapchat does not accept all kinds of Spotlights. Such videos do not get live status and the status of not selected appears on them. This is because Snapchat has certain rules and regulations for Spotlight.

Here are some guidelines of Snapchat for Spotlight as given below.


1. Be Creative

When it comes to get success on any social media platform, you content is the king. Try to make high quality, funny and attractive content which entertains the public. Consider using captions, lenses and music on your videos. Make sure that your video is vertical with contrast ratio of 3:4 and range in time from 5-60 seconds.

You can upload the videos from the camera roll but they must meet the guidelines for Spotlight. Totally blurry  an horizontal videos are also not selected for Spotlight by Snapchat.


2. Avoid Copyright Content

Snapchat does not select copyright or . Snapchat’s Spotlight is actually an entainment platform. Even some songs are also considered copyrighted by Snapchat.

Always try to make videos on new, trending and funny topics which entertains the public and don’t try copy anyone’s video. Also, don’t post the same content again and again.


3. Avoid Political Content

Snapchat has strict guidelines against political and despicable content. Therefore, it is not recommended to post political stuff on Spotlight. In fact, Snapchat is just an entertainment platform and political stuff is totally prohibited on it. You cannot even upload the videos that feature the logo of other short-video platforms like Tiktok.


3. Avoid Illegal Activities

The videos that promote terrorism, drugs, alcohol and adult content are strictly rejected by Snapchat for Spotlight. Therefore, it is not allowed to upload such videos. Always upload funny, meaningful and attractive videos and never upload content that is prohibited on Spotlight.               

Stay safe and healthy!


4. Avoid Sponsorship

In general, Snapchat does not allow  sponsored content that promotes the product any brand. In addition, you also not allowed to sell anything through your videos. Hence, you also can’t insert the links of online stores in your videos. Otherwise, such videos are not selected for Spotlight in Snapchat.

Once you have followed all the above given guidelines, your Snap get live status after being selected for Spotlight in Snapchat.


Once you have fulfilled all the above given guidelines, your videos will be selected for Spotlight.



In the end, I wanna say that Spotlight is very strict but ideal platform that is specially created for entertainment videos and does not accept any kind  of wrong and misleading content. Hence, Snapchatters must follow the guidelines of Snapchat for Spotlight and then shine like a star in sky.


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